Martin Dollhouses

Front Closure

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Lock up Barbie’s house at night with custom-made Front Closures. Made of the same high quality wood and construction as the dollhouse kit, Front Closures securely latch shut and easily open with hinges and knobs. The front can be finished with all the same extras as the main dollhouse. Barbie sleeps tight and you can shut down playtime until the next day.

Just like our dollhouse kits, our Front Closures come in Premium and Deluxe versions for each of the 4 dollhouse styles - Country, Alpine, Cottage and Townhouse. 

Premium Style

  • 2-3 pre-cut, numbered, and ready to assemble birch plywood pieces with attached trim. All pieces are pre-cut for windows and doors.
  • Wood pull knobs, hinges, and door catches. Hinges are already attached to the Front Closure and screws are provided to attached to the dollhouse sides.

Deluxe Style

  • Premium plus, windows, shutters, door, and siding.
  • Siding comes pre-cut for easy installation.