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The Cottage

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While on vacation in Cape Cod, Barbie fell in love with the beach and bought the Cottage, our all-wood Barbie dollhouse. With two stories, three rooms, and a walkout deck, the play possibilities are endless. The smallest in the Martin Dollhouse Collection, this 3/8" birch plywood Cottage dollhouse kit is perfect for limited play spaces.

It takes about two hours to assemble, and as long as you want to decorate it.

For pictures of everything in the kit and some inspiration of what your Cottage could look like, click on the picture above or take a look at the pictures below.

Two Kit Options: Premium or Deluxe

Premium Kit Contents

10 main dollhouse pieces
2 drawers, ready to assemble with knobs and screws
3 MDF backing pieces
Scallop trim for dollhouse
1 Ceiling fan that turns
Heart patio/deck railing
1 set of stairs, pre-assembled
Wood glue
Wood putty
Detailed instructions

Deluxe Kit Contents

Premium kit PLUS:
3 Windows
3 Pairs of Shutters
1 Door
Siding, pre-cut and ready to install
Shingles, pre-cut and ready to install
Glue gun
Glue sticks

Premium Front Closure Contents

2 wood pieces
Pre-installed piano hinges
Hinge screws for final assembly
Knobs and knob screws

Deluxe Front Closure Contents

Premium Front Closure PLUS:
4 Windows
4 Pairs of Shutters
1 Door 
Siding, pre-cut and ready to install


50" Tall
47" Wide
15" Deep

*Approximate Shipping Weight

Premium 41 lbs
Deluxe 52 lbs
Front Closure Premium 10 lbs
Front Closure Deluxe 17 lbs
Each Extra Drawer Unit 8 lbs

* Weight will vary depending on what additional items are purchased.
We charge a flat-rate shipping fee based on Premium or Deluxe kits and options purchased.